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The tourism sector for professionals in Nice has been impacted by the global health crisis, and the future remains as uncertain as the data concerning the epidemic. Of course, the arrival of foreign professionals is greatly limited now, but incoming agencies such as La Maison by GTS and public authorities are counting on their return. In Nice, the old Palais des Congrès will also benefit from a major project, beyond renovation!

Nice's convention center.

Closer to the airport

As part of the project to embellish the heart of the city, the Promenade du Paillon will continue the greening of the area, necessitating the destruction of the Acropolis Convention Center. Impossible for the city or the department to do without such an entity, the metropolis NCA and Nice have therefore decided to relocate it. It is very close to the airport since it will be located on the former market land of national interest. Business travelers will only have to cross the Promenade des Anglais to attend their congress, trade show or other professional event. The Eco Valley Exhibition and Convention Centre will replace the Acropolis Convention and Exhibition Centre, which has been in the heart of the city since 1964.

A larger complex

Expanding from 38,000 to 60,000 square meters, with a 4,000-seat congress hall and a 700-seat auditorium among others, the complex will be able to host even more professional events. A renaissance is planned for 2026 (start of construction in 2023) if all goes well. La Maison by GTS has been planning business tourism stays for more than 40 years and is available to help companies with this endeavor. Tell us about your projects!

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