More environmentally friendly business travel

It is clear that business travel is essential for the well-being of your company. But is it possible to reconcile business and respect for the environment? Because each trip has an impact on nature and taking care of the planet has become a vital issue in our time. Each means of transport pollutes to its level and emits CO2, whereas this could be considerably reduced. In recent years, awareness has been raised and with small gestures and if you make the right choices, you can definitely reduce your carbon footprint while allowing your business to grow. 

Arbuste taillé en coeur

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How to choose the ideal venue for your meeting?

When you prepare your meeting, it is difficult to find the ideal place to satisfy your requirements but also your budget. Finding the pearl to suit each event is not easy and even if DMC agencies are there to guide you and help you in your choice, you must nevertheless know beforehand what would suit you a minimum.

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Tightening of the conditions of access to France

As of January 31, the conditions of access to the French metropolitan territory became stricter. The tourism sector, including business tourism, watched helplessly as a wave of cancellations of reservations resumed for the February vacations. Travel agency, incoming agency, tour operator, the sector is patiently waiting for the end of the crisis to relaunch its programs, incentive events, team buildings…

Two planes on the sky.

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What activities to do with your team in winter?

As we know, incentive trips are very popular at the moment. In addition to bonding your team, these activities allow you to return to the office and make your team more productive. It is often thought that these excursions are reserved for the mild seasons such as summer, while winter is just as propitious time for these short getaways. La Maison By GTS, your DMC agency, tells you about the activities that are most urgently needed during the winter season.

Group hiking in the snow.Ski resorts are the best destination for an incentive trip with your team. You will be able to share warm moments around good meals such as raclette or fondue. And after having eaten well, you will enjoy moments of sharing on the slopes.

Why not also try your hand at dog sledge ride ? You will be able to live a hectic adventure discovering the pack. In small groups, this is the ideal activity to discover the mountain in a different way.

For those who prefer more down-to-earth activities, snowshoe hiking is what you need. You can even choose routes with themes or challenges. Enough to share unique moments in the high mountains. Don’t hesitate any longer and prepare your team building trip with La Maison By GTS !

French Riviera and team building in the mountains

Since the 1990s, certain skills have been widely promoted in the world of work and are opposed to the technical skills necessary for the success of a project. Among these is teamwork, which is widely valued in the professional environment. Thus, team building is a practice that allows companies to strengthen the social ties of employees and to motivate them to gain in productivity.

View of Alps in the south of France.

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The five keys to a successful event

Nowadays, when we organize an event, professional or not, nothing is extravagant enough to make it an exceptional moment. We are looking to go beyond the professional framework to create real moments of sharing. But what are the keys to make your event a success? Many factors come into play to guarantee its success. La Maison by GTS, your DMC agency, will give you the five keys to make your meeting a success.

Illsutration of success.

Define your budget

Evaluating your budget contributes greatly to the success of your event. Because when your evaluation is consistent and realistic, it helps avoid unpleasant surprises. Moreover, it allows you to be structured and not exceed the budget allocated to your event. In order to be efficient during its realization, it is necessary to define the objectives, to list the different cost items, without forgetting the insurances and related expenses.

Propose an original program

Whatever the motivation of your event, propose activities to animate it. You can very well organize very entertaining activities without spending your entire budget. Use your imagination! In general, when choosing your location, a list of activities can be proposed to give you some ideas. This expense is far from being superfluous and contributes greatly to the success of your meeting.

Choose the right place

To choose the location, it is obvious that the offers proposed must be considered. When organizing an event, there is a golden rule to respect: A change of scenery! It is a criterion that will be very appreciated by your collaborators because it will allow them to be in a professional environment while enjoying an unusual setting.

Choose the right equipment

Be very careful with the equipment that you choose to avoid unpleasant surprises. If you plan to use the material provided by the place you have booked, ask for a list of what will be provided. Because success depends not only on the content but also on the quality of your organization. Also do not forget to check the internet connection if you plan to use redirected links.

Your event must live!

Your meeting will not only live physically with your collaborators. You can use social networks to humanize and spread your project. This type of advertising can motive other people, external, to join you. It also shows your dynamism, your modernity and your openness to the digital world.

You need to schedule an event, contact our event and conference organizer, to make this moment a real success.

Nice is preparing to welcome business tourism back

The tourism sector for professionals in Nice has been impacted by the global health crisis, and the future remains as uncertain as the data concerning the epidemic. Of course, the arrival of foreign professionals is greatly limited now, but incoming agencies such as La Maison by GTS and public authorities are counting on their return. In Nice, the old Palais des Congrès will also benefit from a major project, beyond renovation!

Nice's convention center.

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