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It is clear that business travel is essential for the well-being of your company. But is it possible to reconcile business and respect for the environment? Because each trip has an impact on nature and taking care of the planet has become a vital issue in our time. Each means of transport pollutes to its level and emits CO2, whereas this could be considerably reduced. In recent years, awareness has been raised and with small gestures and if you make the right choices, you can definitely reduce your carbon footprint while allowing your business to grow. 

Arbuste taillé en coeur

Reunite appointments 

To avoid having to go back and forth and generate a lot of pollution, you can ask your conference organizer to group appointments in the same place or in a smaller radius. To do this, adapt your schedule. You’ll see, in addition to reducing pollution, you’ll save on travel and gas. 

Opt for sharing 

Share expenses and carpooling for example. Get together with your colleagues and share a car. To make it fair, you can share the cost of the highway. Apps have been developed to promote this new and more environmentally friendly way of transportation. If you are renting cars, look at their pollution rate or go for hybrid or electric cars. 

Don’t overcrowd your car 

Business trips usually last no more than a few days. Pack only what you need without overloading yourself. The weight you put in the car will only increase your CO2 emissions. If you need heavy equipment for your activity, try to rent it locally rather than overloading yourself. But if you don’t know how to process, you can call upon a DMC agency to help you plan your green business trip and La Maison by GTS would be please to help you organize your own. 

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