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When you prepare your meeting, it is difficult to find the ideal place to satisfy your requirements but also your budget. Finding the pearl to suit each event is not easy and even if DMC agencies are there to guide you and help you in your choice, you must nevertheless know beforehand what would suit you a minimum.

The size of the place

The first and most important detail to determine is how many people you plan to invite to the event. The number will allow you to know how many places the room should contain.

The purpose of your meeting

What is the purpose of your meeting? Do you need a serious setting for a constructive and conducive atmosphere at work or a relaxed room with cocktails and petits fours? There is one of the key to a successful event.

Outdoor spaces

And yes, it is a question that arises! Will there be smokers at your meeting, and do you need to provide outside spaces to invite them to vape outside? Do you also need to provide a parking lot to receive your employees’ or partners’ cars or do you take care of the transport logistics?

The services

Depending on the meeting you wish to create, you will need services. To find the perfect venue and organize the best meeting you need to know if you will need computer equipment, caterers, or anything else.

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