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Since the 1990s, certain skills have been widely promoted in the world of work and are opposed to the technical skills necessary for the success of a project. Among these is teamwork, which is widely valued in the professional environment. Thus, team building is a practice that allows companies to strengthen the social ties of employees and to motivate them to gain in productivity.

View of Alps in the south of France.

La Maison by GTS is an incoming agency located in the south of France. It helps companies to organize their events and trips, especially those with a team building objective.

A trip to the ski resort

What distinguishes the Alpes-Maritimes from other French departments is the proximity between the sea and the mountains. Thus, not content to enjoy the sun and the sea air, participants in a company trip can also go to the peaks to spend some time in the mountains. The ski resorts are an excellent option, they are modern and offer a way to spend some energy while having fun in a group.

Mountains in summer

If the snow is not to your liking, the nearby Nice backcountry offers many other options in summer.

Canyoning is an excellent one. It allows you to get active, to reconnect with nature and above all to face fears such as fear of emptiness or water. There are also hundreds of hiking trails crisscrossing between the valleys.

Finally, why not continue to face your vertigo with climbing activities? They can be of pure climbing on walls but also go through accrobranching or via ferrata.

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