More environmentally friendly business travel

It is clear that business travel is essential for the well-being of your company. But is it possible to reconcile business and respect for the environment? Because each trip has an impact on nature and taking care of the planet has become a vital issue in our time. Each means of transport pollutes to its level and emits CO2, whereas this could be considerably reduced. In recent years, awareness has been raised and with small gestures and if you make the right choices, you can definitely reduce your carbon footprint while allowing your business to grow. 

Arbuste taillé en coeur

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How to choose the ideal venue for your meeting?

When you prepare your meeting, it is difficult to find the ideal place to satisfy your requirements but also your budget. Finding the pearl to suit each event is not easy and even if DMC agencies are there to guide you and help you in your choice, you must nevertheless know beforehand what would suit you a minimum.

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Coronavirus in France, what you need to know about cancelled meetings

In order to contain the coronavirus epidemic, France has recently tightened its measures. As of March 10, the government did not wish to hinder the free movement of French citizens on the territory. Nevertheless, the government took the difficult decision to ban certain events. Congresses, seminars, concerts, sporting events, trade and cultural fairs will not take place. Specializing in the organization of events on the French Riviera, DMC La Maison by GTS, takes stock of the government’s official restrictions.

Professional events on French Riviera will be back soon after the coronavirus crisis.

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