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Every year, the French Riviera attracts millions of travellers to events, both professional and non-professional. Festivals, conventions or symposia usually follow one after another, but now the agenda looks empty. Indeed, the pandemic affecting the whole world is not only forcing us to remain under lockdown, but is also hindering the cultural and professional development of certain regions. DMC agencies that organise business and corporate travel or accompany event organisers are, therefore, also impacted by the upheavals the world is going through.

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Cancellation of MIPIM, Carnival cut short…

MIPIM is the largest international real estate event, and it was the first evidence of what the pandemic would cause when its cancellation was announced. This was initially only a precautionary measure and a postponement until June, but the general lockdown and new information about the virus suggest that this year’s events will not be held as planned. Other key developments include the shortened Nice carnival, or music festivals such as the Nice Jazz Festival or the “electro beaches” in Cannes which have been totally cancelled.

When is it expected to end?

For the time being, the recommendations suggest a complete postponement or cancellation of all gatherings planned until the end of the summer. Some experts even suggest cancelling everything until the virus no longer poses a threat at all, which could take months or even years.

What about us?

La Maison by GTS is looking on the bright side. As explained in a previous article we are taking the opportunity to find new partners, new destinations and new addresses to advise you on. Thus, our DMC agency will be able to suggest to you the best offers when things get back to normal.

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