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For the moment, the French government prohibits gatherings of more than 5.000 people throughout the country. With this restriction, many events initially scheduled for this summer have been postponed at best and cancelled at worst. The events sector is in total turmoil and DMC agencies are also impacted. However, this health crisis is also marked by innovation. Some organizers are indeed redoubling their imagination to satisfy the expectations of the public or their clients. The show must go on!

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A complicated year for the tourism and events sectors

La Maison by GTS is specialized in the management of business trips, seminars, and other prestigious events on the French Riviera. Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, the summer programming of the entire region is uncertain. The French government should provide more details by mid-July. However, the leaders of several large-scale gatherings have not waited for the new instructions. While some have decided not to take any risk by cancelling or postponing the event until next year, others have proposed another way to participate. One that of course respects barrier gestures.

A digital format: a first for the Côte d’Azur

The international creativity festival, better known as Cannes Lion, is one of the most eagerly awaited events on the French Riviera in the summer. Every year, thousands of visitors gather to discover the best advertising creations. Initially postponed to October, the 2020 edition has finally been cancelled. Between the seminars, yacht shows and galas that usually take place during that time of the year, this world-renowned event is finally just one of the many collateral victims of Covid-19. Nevertheless, the organizers of Cannes Lions were keen to develop a completely digital format so as not to waste all this creative energy. Mission accomplished! From June 22nd to 26th, Internet users from all over the world had access to more than 40 hours of streaming. A concentrate of ads as we like them!

Times of crisis: the best time to innovate?

Cannes Lions is far from being an isolated case. For the past few weeks, live Internet broadcasts have been flourishing. For example, for the music festival, the Olympia auditorium in Paris organized four concerts without a physical audience, broadcast live on France Inter. Solutions to reinvent the events sector exist. Contact us for advice from our experts.

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