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In order to contain the coronavirus epidemic, France has recently tightened its measures. As of March 10, the government did not wish to hinder the free movement of French citizens on the territory. Nevertheless, the government took the difficult decision to ban certain events. Congresses, seminars, concerts, sporting events, trade and cultural fairs will not take place. Specializing in the organization of events on the French Riviera, DMC La Maison by GTS, takes stock of the government’s official restrictions.

Professional events on French Riviera will be back soon after the coronavirus crisis.

Tighter restrictions

The bad news was announced by Health Minister Olivier Véran on Sunday, March 8. Until a few weeks ago, the ban only concerned closed-door gatherings of more than 5,000 people. But since Monday, March 9, this restriction applies to all gatherings of at least 1000 people. These are now, until further notice, banned. The only exceptions were to be gatherings that are useful to the nation or that fall within the scope of a fundamental right of citizenship, such as competitions, examinations, municipal elections or the use of public transport. But since March 17, a containment system has been set up throughout the country, banning all forms of gatherings, even the smallest.

Cancelled or postponed?

For long-planned events that were due to take place in the near future, the latter statement was a bombshell for both organizers and visitors. The luckiest ones will manage to postpone the event, but a large majority will unfortunately be cancelled. To find out if an event is still on, we advise you to visit the official website of the organizers or send them an email.

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